'Admissions are open. We are looking to grow the group of 14+ year olds.

CFL is a space for learners interested in discovering what it means to live an authentic, personally meaningful and socially responsible life. It is space for understanding one’s responsibility towards oneself, others and towards one’s work.
The face of CFL is an alternative education centre that supports learners of all ages to connect with themselves; figure out their values, interests and direction in life. 

The heart of CFL is a continuing enquiry to understand what is education beyond formal schooling. At CFL we attempt to understand the challenges of living meaningful, responsible and self-regulated lives of inner and outer harmony.

Our hope is that we may together evolve a lifestyle and a way of looking at things that is truly just, that genuinely respects the cultural and biological diversity of all living beings and bring out the best in ourselves as individuals and as a collective.

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